The Dover to Calais Ferry


Well I have to admit what a brilliant service!

We left the hotel this morning at about 630am and made our way 10 miles from the hote to Dover ferry port.


 We were travelling with P&O ferries and what a great all round service we received. We arrived at check in at about 7am and were not due to travel until 835am but had got there just over an hour before we were due to depart as requested. On arrival at the check in we were surprised to be asked if we’d like to leave on the earlier ferry which was due to depart at 735 which was really good, meaning we could spend more time in France.

We of course agreed and boarded!

Once on board we made our way to the food hall where we ordered breakfast. As usual I went to get the food whilst Mrs and the three kids went and sat down. I ordered three breakfasts and some croissants but clearly didn’t have enough hands to carry them. Luckily one of the very helpful members of staff helped me carry my food to the til where I was met by the wife.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank P&O for their very helpful staff !


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