Carnac Standing Stones – Brittany 2013

In the summer of 2013 the family went off the Le Clarys Plage in the Vendee and traveled across the English Channel from Plymouth to Roscoff.

When our holiday came to an end we had to drive back up to Roscoff and as our ferry crossing was at night we decided to take the scenic route back up to Brittany and see some of the sights.

Now it wasn’t the best of weather that day so you’ll have to excuse the quality of the photos but on our way we decided to stop off at a place i’ve always loved which is Carnac.

Standing Stones at Carnac

Located in this wonderful part of Brittany are the magnificent Carnac Standing Stones.

Standing Stones at Carnac

Row upon rows of stones line the ground and our kids were quite amazed by them. Although there are tours around the stone we didn’t really have time but instead wandered around and had a look from outside the fence.

Standing Stones at Carnac

There’s a wonderful campsite located near by for anyone who wishes to stay a little closer which is called La Grande Metairie. The entrance to the campsite is a “STONES THROW” please excuse the pun, from these wonderful megaliths.

Standing Stones at Carnac

Whilst in the area we also popped to the nearby town Carnac Plage. There are some great beaches here but unfortunately our camera died so we didn’t manage to get any photos!Standing Stones at Carnac

For those wishing to find out a little more about the Carnac Standing Stones and their history please click here. We loved popping in and finding out a little more. They are quite awe inspiring and well worth the visit if you have time. The kids were amazed by the many different shapes and sizes of stone and no doubt when they’re all a little older we will pop back for a longer look.


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